An Opportunity To Build Your Dream Home

May 7, 2020

The opportunity to build your dream home awaits you! Grand Manors of Millwood is situated on an exclusive property on a luxurious and private cul-de-sac. This is a rare opportunity to design your home with state-of-the-art interior and exterior features and finishes that will allow you to embrace a lavish lifestyle.

Custom building your own home brings with it so many advantages. With a vision of what you want to see in your future home the blank slate could be worth every penny. Your interior and exterior will be exactly the way you envisioned it would be, and you will not have to make many concessions. Instead of trying to fit all your ideas and dreams into an existing property, you get everything the way you want it up front.

Custom building your family dream home allows you the ability to design your living space, choose the materials used within every room of the home and pick the colours used in every aspect from cabinets, tiles, walls and even doorknobs. The list of detailed chooses is endless and here is a list of luxury home building trends to consider in 2020!


Industrial Style

For the last decade, an industrial-style home has been a common trend for luxury homebuilders and designers. Industrial-style homes are usually defined by the use of specific textures including iron, aluminum, wood and other metals.

This style is renowned for its use of asymmetrical construction, clean lines and simple furniture to pair with the materials. Industrial style also includes high ceilings and large windows to enhance the amount of natural light.


Open and Multifunctional Space

More now than ever, modern day homes are embracing open-concept design and multifunctional rooms. This type of home design allows for more space and makes the room appear seemingly larger.

A common way to execute this design is by combining the living room and the kitchen. Doing this will permit a natural flow between the different areas and functions of the home, which in turn will create a welcoming feel for family and guests.


A Sanctuary Outdoors

A significant factor to consider in modern home design is creating an outdoor oasis where dwellers can spend time to relax and enjoy the warm spring and summer months. Some additions that will enhance the backyard experience include: cooking areas, family gardens, multi-purpose furniture, outdoor fireplaces and natural materials. This way, homeowners can comfortably spend time outdoors.

The Canadian summer months often don’t last long and therefore the trend of multi-season rooms or loggia areas are very popular. With the ability to add bi-folding doors and fireplaces the options are endless as to how to expand your living space to the outdoors.


Smart Homes

Sustainable home design is in high-demand. New home owners are commonly purchasing homes that contain Smart Home features and are environmentally friendly. When designing your custom home some popular automated home features to consider include: the ability to control internal and external security settings, lights, temperature and more.

A smart home design is cost-effective, as residents will typically experience lower consumption bills. Nothing is better than saving the planet and having a convenient lifestyle at a lower cost!


Bold Monochromatic Colour Schemes

Neutral tones have been a trend for several years; however, lavish homes are now incorporating more vibrant colours that pop! An example of this is to paint the walls with deep and rich, jeweled tones that will create a luxe feel. Using bold colours will also allow your furniture to pop! The combination of neutral colours and bold monochromatic colour schemes are taking over in several residences.

When building your custom home you can choose the paint colour for each room and area of your home; unlikely when purchasing from a builder where the entire house is finished in just one colour. Accent colour walls or wallpaper rooms all become options when designing your living space.


Tiling and Wood Floors

Although hardwood floors are the classic, high-end option for flooring, porcelain tiles are increasing in popularity, as they are a cost-effective and a durable selection. This year, the trend is to combine both hardwood and porcelain tiles in the foyer, hallway and kitchen. Homeowners are also making sure to install the tiles to the wall, as it exemplifies an artistic element and is more damage-resistant than the traditional drywall base.


Patterned Bathrooms

It’s common for luxe homes to integrate patterns on an accent wall in their bathroom. Patterned accent walls engage the eye! The bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with fun colours, materials and wallpaper.


Millwork Detailing

This year, many homeowners are including millwork detailing in the living area, hallways, staircase and family rooms. When considering custom home building, wainscoted walls are essential to cover the lowest and most vulnerable portions of the wall.

In modern home design wainscoting on walls and stairs have become increasingly popular when finished with a semi-gloss paint. In bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, it’s common for luxury homes to contain wooden walls with millwork detailing.


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